Monday, August 31, 2020


The “Race” Where No One Wins

“Say her name!” The BLM idiots screamed at Rand Paul (the sponsor of the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act).

I really think my position on race is like most people’s. I don’t wish ill-will on people who pose no threat to me. I certainly don’t have negative feelings toward others for irrelevant traits like “race.” Like most, I’m aware that some groups have been dealt more historical injustice than others, and that such injustice continues to occur, though no longer codified by law. In fact, the law emphatically bans discrimination and hateful aggression based on race. Numerous businesses, organizations, schools, and universities obsessively impose diversity “training” and other boring rituals to political conformity and obedience.

I don’t think that one is automatically “privileged” if they’ve been spared a specific injustice. We can’t really say that all divorced, unemployed, paraplegic and homeless white males dying of cancer “have all the power.”

In individual cases of genuine police brutality (out of literally hundreds of thousands of police encounters annually) we typically don’t know what the officer’s motive was in harming someone. Along with “racism,” possibilities also include instances such as, “he/she was reaching for a weapon,” “he/she was resisting arrest,” or he/she was running away and no one knew if the the person was armed. These aren’t “excuses.” They’re valid considerations in legal proceedings.

The idea that every case of genuine criminal behavior should be given a pass if the perpetrator belongs to a group from a noble victim class is ridiculous. Giving the benefit of a doubt to someone who appears to have a weapon is not an option.

“Racism” is now the grossly overused euphemism of our time. Truth be told, I’m sick of hearing about it. Most people don’t care — there, I said it. Absolutely true. They don’t want injustices to occur. They support the right of those opposed to injustice to tackle it in any peaceful and persuasive way they can. But...they’re sick of hearing whining pampered journalists, Democrat party operatives, and entertainers who see “racism” in every mundane interaction in life. Especially in one of the most diverse countries in the world. A country where minorities are leading voices in sports, entertainment, business, media, and wealth. Try that in most of the counties of the world.

Donald Trump wants to “make America great again”... ”Racism!” (Eye-roll).

Because they (academia specifically) couldn’t find enough examples of genuine aggression against minorities, they had to invent a new category of complaint; “micro-aggressions” can’t see them but, they’re there. Only leftists have the skill to see the unseen. Because there aren’t enough genuine “hate crimes,” the gripe-industrial-complex has to concoct hate crime hoaxes that outnumber actual cases.

No one really likes hearing the perpetual whiner who continually exaggerates and drones on about how horribly they’ve been mistreated. Especially, when their victimization never even occurred (ala Jussie Smollett and a host of other bogus “hate crimes”). Only in this bizarre post-modern mind-game can one be told that you owe your money or home even though you didn’t do something to someone that didn’t have anything done to them.

Some people’s passion is finding a cure for cancer. Some people’s mission is to end sex trafficking, birth defects, diabetes, or AIDS. Some people’s quest is to help abandoned and injured animals. All nobel goals, and there are literally hundreds of other goals equally deserving of sympathy and attention. Racial injustice is among them. It’s a favored project to some but far less than CNN, feminist literature professors, and the Democrats would have us believe.

Race conflict is a subject deserving of attention. Individuals and the legal system can no doubt do more to rectify injustice. But, screaming at people to “Say her [or his] name!” or burning cities down and threatening bystanders for not joining the latest “revolution” is just pathetic.

I’m reminded of Oscar Schindler of “Schindler’s List” fame. Schindler’s actions saved lives from the horrible injustice of a real fascist dictatorship (Nazi Germany). Schindler was not a crusader, finding anti-semitism everywhere and demanding you get excited about every incident of racial intolerance. Schindler was a member of the Nazi party (!) Those who are genuinely opposed to racism are opposed for purely undramatic and practical reasons. It’s wrong to harm or mistreat others for any reason not least of which is immutable characteristics like “race.” Oscar Schindler saw something morally wrong occurring, he was in a position to do something about it, and he did so.

The control-freak idiots today screaming, looting, destroying, and now, even murdering in overly exaggerated acts of virtue-signaling are no Oscar Schindler. The idea of honestly appraising a circumstance and conscientiously acting when a clear wrong has taken place is beyond the current self-described “anti-fascist” who simply jumps on any bandwagon that allows them to play the role of rebel.

The current conflict in America has little to do with “race.” Race conflict is just another convenient spark for the usual Jacobin rabble to establish their dystopia for everyone — regardless of race.

A race to the bottom will serve no one. Race will be irrelevant if a state is erected with the power to destroy everyone’s life and spiral humanity into socialist hell. If that happens, an individual police officer’s actions — right or wrong — won’t seem so important.

Saturday, August 29, 2020


I Need a Car

I hear this evil witch has one available.

Thursday, August 27, 2020


“Stop the Hate”

Trump Derangement Syndrome once again rears its ugly head.

Read comments from worthless leftist Hollywood celebrities....appraise accordingly.

Remember, this is all because the winner of the last presidential election ran on, and implemented, tax reductions, less government intrusion, and enforcement of sound immigration policy

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Good Points....


Friday, August 21, 2020


BLM has Nothing to do with Blacks or Lives

... I’m not going to put a link to it because it’s too disturbing but, if anyone has seen the video of the evil BLM scum-rat that killed a raccoon with a baseball bat, I can only hope that he is found, tried, legally punished, and then, some vigilante action gives him a fate comparable to what he did to a defenseless animal.

The classic icing on the leftist cake was when another BLM idiot said that caring about animals is a “white thing” — how utterly pathetic.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Part Two in a Series on Astrological Symbolism

The First episode in the series.

Monday, August 17, 2020


The American National Paradox

Among the beliefs of many American conservatives is the somewhat vague notion of “American exceptionalism.” This concept can be many things to different people. Those who are offended by the idea of Americans calling their country “exceptional” merely see the statement as one of arrogance and of nationalistic excess, but this is not the case at all. American exceptionalism is the acknowledged attribute of a unique style of government and society that minimizes the role of the state and imposed collective values. American exceptionalism is limited constitutional government in context to the unique history of the United States. This is an objective appraisal that the former president, Obama, was unable to make when he said he believed in American exceptionalism the same way that Brits believe in British exceptionalism or Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism — meaning that he didn’t see the country he was president of as particularly exceptional at all. Like all leftists, he had a disdain for America and its history. To the authoritarian bureau-class, American history is no more than slavery, oppression, and injustice, meaning their understanding of history in general is remarkably limited.

American exceptionalism can been seen as a paradox. The opposite of America’s constitutional system are the varieties of collectivism that span the political spectrum. Values born of race affiliation, obedience to a party or individual autocrat, or other self-effacing belief systems that seek to mold citizens into one monolithic collective unit which necessitates the sacrifice of autonomy and freedom for the values and dictates of a group of some kind. For Nazi’s, it is the “race” that compels affiliation. For fascists, the “state” as an end in itself seeks to be the unifying principal that sways one away from self, family, or any of the other organizing social principals that a free person can choose alignment with. For communists, an ideology regrading economic “evolution” and class draws from the premises of the dead white male economics “philosopher,” Karl Marx (though his observations had been made by others to some degree). To establish any of these systems requires an allegiance to collectivist principals of some kind, to forfeit one’s sense of self-directed destiny to the dictates (literally) of some organizing principal that seeks to eradicate any idea or person lacking alignment with the collectivist vision.

The paradox of American exceptionalism lies in its expectation that one feels aligned to American ideals of government and social living that include the freedom to not participate.

One can be a proud believer in American exceptionalism — and thus “patriotic” to some degree — by a belief in opting out of any collectivist siren call - a paradox. One can hold a fervent belief in the American idea while choosing to not participate and not demanding the participation of others. A consistent belief in freedom requires that one never compels others to a particular cause. It’s certainly reasonable to expect fellow citizens to not destroy property or actively seek to eliminate free society.

There are of course nationalistic types who seek to compel others to patriotic obedience but these are ultimately collectivist in nature. A person can be a caricature of conservatism and yet be a collectivist and possess collectivism’s characteristic adulation of group affiliation.

The paradox of the America circumstance is that one can love the constitutional system and the culture born up around it but, if one truly appreciates it, they realize that there is no demand from them or fellow citizens to live within forced affiliation. It is affiliation by choice and is far removed from the dogmatic systems of history that have demanded conformity and communal sympathy.

When rich celebrities kneel at the sound of the national anthem or chant insults at the country’s founders, they are free to do so, and wiser and less-hypocritical souls are free to mock them and sneer at their pathetic arrogance. Colin Kaepernick is free to be an asshole but if he chooses to use his public forum to do so he is worthy of scorn by those who see through his nonsense.

What I love most about my country is that I don’t have to love it or any other ideas others would wish to be imposed upon me. Realistically, one can hold this stance (a support for the American ideal) yet resent the pampered whining of those who’s ultimate hatred of America rests upon a desire to force fellow citizens into a collective bondage of some type.

Unfortunately, being a leftist control freak is not exceptional.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Shutting Down the World Economy for:

...why exactly?

“...I am willing to bet that the countries that have shut down completely will see rates spike when they open up. If that is the case, then there won’t have been any point in shutting down in the first place, because all those countries are going to end up with the same number of dead at the end of the day anyway.”

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Time is Money...and in Education, Not Much Else

If you let hydrogen simmer for 12 billion years, you’ll eventually get a Beethoven symphony.

If you let a public school system reach maximum funding for a few decades, you’ll get kids who neither understand nor appreciate Beethoven.

Monday, August 10, 2020


Both of These Guys Are Always Brilliant

Thursday, August 06, 2020


Don’t Go There

Monday, August 03, 2020


“Vote Early and Vote Often”...Just don’t vote in person or show an ID

...”An important election,” no doubt. A stance anyone can agree on. So, if this is such an important election, we all want it to be full-proof, airtight, accurate beyond dispute, right? Yet, what could be a better time for Democrats (now synonymous with The Left) to use an already highly politicized plague-event to alter our system of voting to include millions of mail-in ballots unconstrained by any proof whatsoever as to who it is that is voting.

Of course, Democrats are fully on board with mail-in voting just as they are for sixteen year olds voting...and felons, those still incarcerated, illegal aliens, and maybe space aliens? Basically anyone who is more likely to vote for them (I’m not really sure space aliens would be on board). If they can get their heavy boot firmly planted in the door, their next step will be to pack the court and make millions of illegal foreign arrivals citizens — anything to bring to an end the most successful experiment in self-government to be undertaken in human history.

I predict that, if they win the presidency and both houses, they will continue their multi-year rant that Donald Trump is (was) illegitimate and therefore they will be justified in the nullification of every appointment and law passed under him. I can absolutely guarantee they will do this.

Democrat are in major assault mode with the goal of making “mail-in voting” and “ballot harvesting” a nationwide standard. As with most leftist movements in history, free and open elections tend to not favor political parties whose main “message” is that citizens need to submit to the authority of a powerful state to constrain their lives. So it is that they must wrest control of a society “through any means necessary.” In the past, most elections with Republican winners almost invariably end with a whining Democrat either insulting the voting public for having dared oppose them or insisting that they actually won — ala Hillary Clinton or Stacy Abrams.

Regarding the latest con to massively increase mail-in voting, Republicans are of course worried about this scheme’s obvious facilitation of voter fraud.

As usual, Democrats have twisted the issue into the usual “racism!” nonsense. Anything that stands in the way of Democrats achieving unbridled power is “racist!” The perpetual “racism” B.S. assumes that members of minority groups are somehow too inept to go to a voting location and show an I.D. Talk about the “bigotry of low expectations.” Assuming that any member of a minority might actually have an ID and be able to show that they are indeed the person voting is...”Racism!,” as the corrupt and partisan press repeats the lie that voter fraud is “extremely rare.” Of course, this flies in the face of common sense. Again, in an election that everyone agrees is “important” which method is more honest, reliable, efficient, and offering a less contentious result? Voters responsibly appearing at a location, showing a valid ID and voting on site, or millions of paper ballots sent out to millions of locations to random unverified names and afterward collected by activist groups “harvesting” the poisoned crop of lies and turning in the votes of their choice. How can a Democrat defend this scam and keep a strait face. One must remember that this is the same party that tells us the solution to insurgents burning down our cities is to reduce the police and stop prosecuting most crimes — again, with a strait face.

It should at least be seen as somewhat suspicious and telling that Democrats seem to have no worries about voter fraud occurring with such loose-ended voting schemes. Now, why would that be? ....Duh.

Any honest person with half a brain knows that this con-artistry applied to the election system is just another leftist try at their perpetual coup d'état attempts.

It wasn’t that long ago that the very idea of allowing partisan political operatives to “harvest” ballots would have been cringe-worthy to everyone and, of course, the chance that such “election reform” may afford non-citizens a “voice” (a VOTE!) is certainly of no concern to a party that actively hopes to codify such nonsense to begin with.

A society under the one-party dictates of the left will not be a free society. Today, everywhere, there is example of where the left is attempting to steer American society. On college campuses, in social media, on establishment “news” sources, and in schools and colleges, leftism reigns supreme, or at least has the loudest mouth and punitive authority. While some dishonest fools will counter that “Trump is the president,” (thus having “all the power”) it’s not as if he’s having an easy go of it — as Obama certainly did. The entrenched system wants their country back and the fact that a weird non-politician is actually making it difficult deranges them to no end.

Why are Democrats so passionately invested in the numerous scams presented to the public as “reforms?” They know that free and fair elections will not likely put them into power in most locations. At least half the public will not vote for their own enslavement to an all-powerful one-party state. Yet, leftist subversion of the culture has now assured that, in many locations, elections are close even without con-jobs like mail-in voting and ballot harvesting. It is now a fairly simple ploy to tip elections one way (the same way they always go when voter fraud occurs) with a host of dishonest schemes and strategies.

The usual propaganda scheme is to call all normal and secure voting activity as somehow, “voter suppression” yet consistently, real voter “suppression” is almost non-existent. Does anyone really believe that actual actions to prevent someone from voting based on their race would not have CNN and company howling for weeks and every major cultural institution clamoring for FBI investigations? On the other hand, we should recall Eric Holder giving a pass to the New Black Panther Party looming around a voting area with baseball bats uttering that voters “are about to be ruled by the black man.”

Always remember, the left’s desire for power is not (directly) for money or even simple political power per se. It is to achieve the power to control...everything(!) (eg. Your life).

It has become somewhat cliche' in conservative circles but, the actions and goals of the left today really are on the Venezuela track. Once these autocratic busy-bodies wrest control of the worlds most powerful Republic, they’ll drain every drop of vitality from it and sweep the human residue remaining into the gutters of socialist history.

Not good for anyone.

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